CEO, MD, director and manager’s Exceptionalism

1st February 2021

No longer shareholder-centric, CEOs, MDs, directors and managers are now leaders who are innovative visionaries that display values in trust and empathy.

Today’s examples of true CEO exceptionalism call for leaders who are agile and innovative visionaries who model trust and empathy and embrace creative tension in the face of an ever-changing business landscape.

While many CEOs were already on the path to change, the unpredictability of today’s market is accelerating the shift.

Global challenges and current affairs are testing the skills of every executive and are redefining the role and skills required from the chief executive officer (CEO).

CEOs have been required to rapidly adjust to a new way of leading, simultaneously mastering crisis management to navigate through the current challenging circumstances while at the same time staying focused on the future and accelerating their organization’s digital journey.

CEOs are reconfiguring their priorities to make shareholders part of a unit which encompasses its employees and customers. Success is no longer exclusively measured by the rising value of company stock if that success is at the expense of other stakeholders. 

During the COVID-19 global pandemic the shift to a mainly remote work environment had little impact on CEO optimism. CEOs have been surprised at the haste with which their businesses adapted to a virtual environment, showing minimal reduction in employee productivity and innovation.

Well aware of the mental health challenges of the pandemic, the majority of CEOs report they have taken action to support the mental health and well-being of their employees over the recent period of difficulty. 

What remains to be seen is whether these actions were effective, sufficient, and how successful they will be in the long term.

Do not hesitate to share your thoughts and experiences on this topic.

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