Reflection on future developments needed in the health sector Great prospects for improving health organizations exist. Ideas are emerging more and more: participatory management, the ability to support teams through a culture that promotes empowerment, establishing innovative organizational and managerial solutions …
Understanding the cultural dimension in international negotiations Internationally, technology and the development of means of communication have brought people together by shortening distances and increasing the opportunities for contact. With globalisation, the opportunities for negotiation have increased considerably.
It's time to focus on Gen Z Gen Z is the latest generation among us, currently classed as anywhere up to 24 years old, they follow Millennials, usually classed in the 20- to a 40-year-old bracket. Gen Z are today’s core influencers who have a genuine impact on both millennials and Gen Xers in terms of what they buy today. The true scale of Gen Z remains to be seen in the next 10 years – however - it is their clear influence today that is changing how we shop in the here and now.
Innovation & Creativity In The New Business World reativity often inspires and delights us. It is often at the heart of innovation in business. When considering the concept of innovation, the single most common piece of advice can be to “think outside the box.” However, does it generate tangible value to businesses? 

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